Bio – Denise

I am Denise — the oldest sibling and clearly the wisest, except on rare occasions, none of which come to mind. My husband and I have two children, two dogs, and a formerly homeless cat who secretly rules the house. Okay, it’s not a secret. When I am not working, I’m dragging the kids into productive projects which do not interest them in the slightest, and in fact annoy them greatly. We love trips to the mountains and beaches, as well as watching cooking shows and finding great deals on handbags. Life’s events continuously beckon me to look at things with a healthy dose of laughter, topped with a generous portion of this-too-shall-pass.

Bio Feedback

From Philip: I can confirm that Denise is the oldest child and the best big sister in our entire nuclear family, with Douglas running a close second. Denise is right that a large dose of “this-too-shall-pass” can help at times, though I usually save it for occasions when I’ve eaten too much cheese or red meat. As the sister of hyperactive twins, Denise has always had to play second fiddle, but at least she got her own damn fiddle. Douglas and I had to share everything, including metaphorical musical instruments.

From Douglas: After skimming through Denise’s bio, I am surprised to see her describe herself as “clearly the widest” of us. Any one of us might startle the occasional turnstile, but I see no need to rank our girth in print. It’s been a while since I visited her so, while I was well aware of the domineering cat, I was shocked to read that she has two children. Geez, you think you know a person…

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