Photo Captions – Wedding Guns

So many marriages end in gunfire, so why shouldn’t one begin that way? If you can think of a better way to celebrate your wedding than synchronized couple gunfire, then stop reading this and write your own damn captions in our comments section below. Otherwise, please read on.


  1. JJ and DeeDee actually thought synchronized target shooting constituted the consummation of their marriage.
  2. Now, is there anyone else who has reason these two should not be joined in marriage?
  3. Joe, the security guard in the background, totally would have stopped this shooting spree, but his break wasn’t over until 2:30


  1. “Let’s see. Now we’re supposed to ‘Squeeze his favorite thing slowly and…’ hang on…are you sure this is what Cosmo meant in their Honeymoon article?”
  2. Before the bouquet could reach the outstretched hands of poor old cousin Eliza, the happy couple had blown it straight to kingdom come.
  3. At the last minute the caterer had refused to supply the couple’s favorite dish of deep fried raccoon legs. This was a problem the couple was prepared to resolve their damn selves.


  1. London is trying a bit too hard to come up with interesting new Olympic events.
  2. Black rifle target sights before Labor Day? How perfectly gauche.
  3. You engage in whatever kind of foreplay you like. Karen and Mike will do the same.

What do you think is going on in this picture? A “Guns & Ammo” photo shoot? Quick target shooting competition to see who gets to be on top? Add your captions in the comments section below!


One thought on “Photo Captions – Wedding Guns

  1. I made a similar kit for my cos&7nu#821i;s shower. She loved it! Glad to see you had the same things on your list… I haven’t got to walk down the aisle yet, so I was guessing!

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