Top Three Shows We’d Rather Watch Than A Dawson’s Creek Reunion

With retro TV shows becoming all the rage, “Dawson’s Creek” is now considering a reunion show. We at Relatively Funny were so excited/appalled by this news that we came up with our own list of things we would rather watch on TV.



  1. Makin’ Bacon – A solid hour featuring nothing but webcam footage of pigs doing it.
  2. Rectum Wars – A reality show featuring competing proctologists.
  3. Duke’s A Hazard – Hilarious misadventures ensue when former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke, spends the summer locked in a house with seven members of the New Black Panther Party.


  1. Desperate Houseplants – Explore the world of indoor vegetation as it asserts itself to a higher level of prominence in households across America.
  2. Masters of All They Survey – Follow the rollicking adventures a group of land surveyors as they accurately measure land and point those telescope-looking things toward nothing in particular.
  3. So You Think You Can Balance a National Budget – Live 24/7 coverage of the Senate Budget Committee’s daily goings-on. “Riveting, drawn-out reviews of lines of meaningless numbers!” raves Fiscal Weekly Magazine.


  1. Circumcisions Gone Wrong – A leg-crossing look at the dark underbelly of botched circumcisions, including before and after pictures and culminating with an actual recording of what is being referred to as a “decapitation.”
  2. American Idle – This new reality series follows several typical Americans through their daily doldrums including watching them nearly finish Sudoku puzzles, randomly flipping through TV channels until bedtime, and deciding whether today will be the day they start flossing.
  3. OCD America – Follow the daily lives of several people afflicted by this disorder including one man who spends at least five hours a day q-tipping his bellybutton and cleaning under his fingernails, and a woman whose arms are severely scarred because of her compulsion to dreadlock her cat.

Do you have anything you’d rather watch than a moronic reunion show? Like paint drying or perhaps knives flying at your eyeballs? List them below in our comments section!

P.S. – Thanks to Dewey Scandurro for the hilarious David Duke title!


One thought on “Top Three Shows We’d Rather Watch Than A Dawson’s Creek Reunion

  1. Yes. I’d like to see reunions of TV shows with Cars in the title: Car 54 Where Are You? My Mother the Car. Johnny Car-son reruns.

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